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Local Seafood

Wild-Caught South Carolina Shrimp

  • 21/25 per pound
  • 31/35 per pound

Blue Crabs

All males, mixed sizes:

  • Live
  • Cleaned
  • Cooked whole
  • Cooked and cleaned


The Sarah Jane, owned by Captain William Smoak, is the only operational shrimp boat on Edisto Beach. The Sarah Jane docks at Edisto Seafood and sells its entire catch of chemical-free, wild-caught shrimp directly to us. Most of the fresh shrimp caught by the Sarah Jane is sold directly to consumers through Edisto Seafood; however, a couple of local restaurants have begun to use our local shrimp on their menu. We intend to use our website as a means of giving an even larger group of consumers access to wild-caught, South Carolina shrimp.

shrimp boat
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